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We are in the middle of a very difficult economic time and most industries are suffering a great deal. The fitness industry however is still growing through these tough times, people are increasingly aware of the importance of staying healthy enjoying and exploring different types of training and physical activity. Because of this growth, becoming a personal trainer may be the best decision that you can make.


This isn’t to say that everyone should become a personal trainer; there are some of us that are just not going to be suitable.

When making the decision to join the fitness industry to become a fitness instructor or personal trainer we need to first decide whether it is right for us. The important questions are; what makes a good personal trainer, how to become a personal trainer, and why choose personal training? Let’s start with the first, what makes a good personal trainer?

In becoming a personal trainer you must have:

  • A passionate interest in health and fitness.
  • A positive mental attitude.
  • A strong desire to help others.
  • A good sense of humour.
  • Lots of patience.
  • A high level of physical fitness (not essential to become personal trainer, but important to maintain your own physical well-being when helping others).
  • Good time management.
  • Good organisational skills.
  • Confidence in 1-2-1 and group situations (this confidence will develop as your knowledge and skill set improve).
  • Resilience and determination (essential if you are to become a fitness instructor or personal trainer).
  • Knowledge of health, fitness and training (once you become a personal trainer and start working you will learn every day you train).
  • Desire for continued learning and development.

Now we have answered what makes a good personal trainer we can consider the question of how to become a personal trainer?

How to become a Personal Trainer?

  • Obtain your Level 2 Certificate in Instructing Fitness and your Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training.
  • Complete these certificates and other specialist certificates with your chosen training provider.
  • Decide which gym you wish to work in. Most of the gyms welcome self employed personal trainers but there are a number of employed routes available for you to consider.
  • Go out there and build your client base.
  • Go back and further your experience and qualifications with your chosen training provider to increase your earning potential.

Now we have established what it takes to become a personal trainer and what qualifications are needed in becoming a personal trainer, we can focus on why you should become a personal trainer.

Why should you become a personal trainer?

  • It is an active job for active people; you won’t get bored sat behind a desk.
  • An opportunity to meet and work with different people every day.
  • The opportunity to help people improve their quality of life and meet their health and fitness goals.
  • A career where your health, fitness and well-being are a priority.
  • A career where you are in charge of your working hours.
  • Your earning potential is completely under your control, the more work you put in; the more you will get out.
  • Job security with the knowledge that good personal trainers will always be needed and in demand.
  • The chance to join an exciting, growing industry in the UK.
  • The potential to use your skills and recognised qualifications to live and work abroad.

If you need any help in deciding whether you should become a Fitness Instructor or becoming Personal Trainer then please get in touch with one of our fitness industry experts and they can help you to make the right choices to get you started.

by James Roberts

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